Civil Underground

FB Titan’s horizontal directional drilling (HDD) capabilities allow for the safe, timely and successful execution of projects in remote areas while drastically reducing the need for construction reclamation – a win for the environment and the client! HDD has become the preferred method of underground installation, leading the industry in minimizing the impact to already developed areas. Along with the Forbes Bros. Group of Companies, FB Titan currently has horizontal directional drills and civil crews working in five states.

FB Titan’s comprehensive civil underground services include:

  • Extensive HDD and hydrovac equipment resources serving oil, gas, and utility companies across North America
  • Broad HDD capabilities with drills ranging from 9,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs
  • Boring up to 1000m long and 60cm diameter.
  • Providing qualified and experienced crews with expert project management
  • Planning and coordination with local utility companies
  • Installation of civil infrastructure including conduits, vaults, chambers, duct, and pre-cast materials
  • Civil construction with excavation, trenching, boring, ploughing, concrete work, and landscaping
  • Site improvements and surface restoration
  • Daylighting services

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“There is always something new on the horizon at Forbes Bros!”

I have worked at Forbes Bros for six years now and have enjoyed watching the company grow and change. Since I started working at Forbes, we have expanded our operations into different lines of business and different geographical locations, including the United States. Every time the company grows, there is an opportunity for me to learn new things and expand my own knowledge base. This learning is supported, encouraged and appreciated by the company. There is always something new on the horizon at Forbes Bros!

Diane Sample - Pension, Benefits, Disability Manager