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With a decade of experience as a multi-faceted contracting company, FB Titan has the ability and resources to self-perform more than 90 percent of its construction activities—including landowner contracts, surveying, right-of-way establishment, road building, site work, foundations, substations, transmission, and distribution work.

Formerly known as Titan Electric Inc., FB Titan has been operating since 2010 and joined the Forbes Bros. Group of Companies in 2018. Walt Woodbury, along with his wife Stephanie Woodbury, started the company in 2010 with an extensive background in managing large, linear construction projects with complex environmental and safety requirements—all of which were completed efficiently and successfully. Walt Woodbury spent the early part of his career working on the power side of utility construction projects, and this experience allowed him to gain a thorough understanding of client needs and reporting requirements. His skills, knowledge, and experience have played an important role in both expanding the types of projects FB Titan has been able to take on as well as fostering a more client-oriented approach to managing projects.

FB Titan has positioned itself to perform a wide variety of projects that range in scope—from small to large, simple to complex. We take pride in truly being a full-service transmission, distribution, and substation contractor that can effectively and efficiently manage the needs of our clients—regardless of the size or scope of the job—without having to compromise quality, safety, or environmental compliance. Our top-down structure provides a management template suitable for all types of projects by incorporating consistency, sound decision making, and interdepartmental communication.

The ability and experience of our field personnel allow us to handle smaller jobs with precision and ease. Our extensive resume illustrates that we are more than capable of handling any type and voltage class of transmission, distribution, and substation work. In addition to our team of skilled craftsmen, our company support and extensive inventory of equipment allows us to execute safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive projects with the added FB Titan value.

The few special projects that we subcontract include fencing, bus welding, right-of-way clearing, landscaping, testing/commissioning, rebar tying, and helicopter work. We have established sustainable relationships with several highly qualified subcontractors—all of which are/have been subject to a pre-qualification process based on several factors, including safety and environmental records, and financial stability. Whenever possible, we seek the services of qualified MBE and WBE firms.

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“plenty of experienced Journeyman helping me through my apprenticeship.”

My experience so far at Titan has been great. There are plenty of experienced Journeyman helping me through my apprenticeship.

Mitchell Mcintosh - Apprentice

“The FB Titan family truly believes in our core values”

My experience with FB Titan has been one of the most satisfying in my long safety professional career. I have seen great growth, and with it, a generally caring safety culture. The FB Titan family truly believes in our core values: “We Work Hard; We Work Safe; We deliver Solutions; We Are Family.” I look forward to continuing to work with my FB Titan family.

Bob O’Neill - HSE Manager

“I wanted to be a part of a group that wanted each and every employee to succeed”

The initial impression that made me want to join the team. It’s simple: I wanted to be a part of a group that wanted each and every employee to succeed. Basic teamwork foundations seem commonplace, ensuring that everybody has something to offer and can respond to any challenge.

Jarod McDaniel - Junior Project Manager